Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”

by teresa

Took Nick to his doctors appt. yesterday afternoon.
Wow...are there some characters in that waiting room.
Nick was like, "mom, they all act crazy!"
I was like..."well....yeah."

We tried to distract ourselves from the madness with our ipods and itouch games.
But when somebody "bunnied" loud and proud, I thought Nicky was going to blow a gasket.
His giggling made me have to giggle. I soon found my mind back at Christ The King church, my nanny glaring and shushing me, because I couldn't stop myself from laughing. My uncle would do something to make me laugh and then all the nuns would turn around and give me the stink eye.
Anyway, there was also a lady there (two kids in tow) yelling about the doctor taking too long. She was being so ridiculous (her appt was at was 2:20) and it was causing the other patients to get antsy. "Tell the doctor PEACE OUT", she shouted to the receptionist. "This is so unprofessional...I got places to BE!"
good grief.
An elderly woman came limping in and sat across from us. She had a cast up her leg and was struggling to move around (it took her for-ev-er to get to a chair and sit). I noticed her one shoe was untied, as did this obnoxious old man who announced it to the entire waiting room ("hey lady, you gonna break that other leg you don't tie your shoe").
She looked down to check and I shot to the floor to get that for her. She gave me the sweetest "thank you sugar" and "God bless you".
Nick said I startled him when I jumped out of my seat. Maybe he thought I was making a break for it.


Jackie Barham said...

Never a dull moment in your world :)

Mom said...

That waiting room sounds alot like my living room.