Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A kiss is the upper persuasion for a lower invasion

by teresa

part of an article in a magazine at the Dr.'s office...

Kissing in a Relationship:
"The kiss is the most important part of a relationship. A kiss allows a pair to experience another person with all 5 of their senses and get a feel for the person's intentions, compatibility and connection. Men have testosterone in their saliva that stimulates a woman's sex drive and both parties are given doses of dopamine in the body that produces a feeling of euphoria and keen attention. Kissing is very important to the chemistry of a couple.
Dr. Berman shared that kissing can be a big sign of happiness in a relationship. Couples that kiss and cuddle regularly are 8 times less likely to be stressed or depressed, shared Dr. Berman. A daily peck does not count as an actual kiss. Couples need to share a minimum of a 10 second kiss every day or it's like going through the motions or giving a pat on the back. Not many couples get this kind of connection, but need it and should bring the focus back to the kiss that started the relationship off on the right foot."

I need to make sure Chris reads this.

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