Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe that's why the bag boy gave me such a big smile

by teresa

I bought new bras today.
Not very news worthy, but I am excited about it.
Tossed out all the old, stringy, under wire poky ones in my drawer.
The sisters will be very happy. The one I wore yesterday had a malfunction (strap broke) in the middle of the frozen food section of the grocery store.
Not cool.
Luckily I am short enough that my unbalanced chesticle area was hidden behind the cart handle.
After today's trip to Kohl's (Bali's and Olga's on sale for 50% off) I can shop worry free.


Anonymous said...

i went bra shopping the other day and tried on 7. Only found 1 that I liked!
I hate it!

Jackie Barham said...

Discovered Victoria's Secret ... made the girls very happy.

Greens said...

always wanted to find out Victoria's secret. But alas, she doesn't tell her secret to women with xlarge chesticles.