Tuesday, April 13, 2010

putting my ipod on and making beds

by teresa

The kids are dropped off at school and Chris is on his way to NC. I have the house to myself and I am loving it. Even though I will spend the day on chores and a long list of to do's, I will do it all with joy and gladness. A joy and gladness that only a mother with a house full of loud, stinky, messy boys can know.

Bought a new camera yesterday and can't wait for soccer games on Saturday to try out the cool 4 frames per second shutter. I am so thrilled with my new toy. Now I just need to find a class to teach me how to use it. This thing is way more complicated than I realized. Lordy.

Took these pictures of the kids last night. I at least mastered the "point and shoot" photography for dummies mode. Now I need to figure out the 20 other modes.

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