Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicky!

by teresa

Today was Nicky's 15th birthday.
I can not believe it has been 15 years.
It was the coolest, most exciting day of my life...hands down.
We had wanted a boy, since we already had a girl. The doctor and ultrasound tech had announced months earlier that I was carrying a girl (several times).
We named her Hannah Mary and bought pink pink pink.
When he came out (c-section) the anesthesiologist, doctor, Chris and I were all flabbergasted.
It was the neatest surprise in the history of surprises.
We looked at each other and said..."Nick".
It was a name we had picked out months earlier, but had pushed out of our minds once "Hannah" was on her way.
Praise God for Nick....our 6'1" baby boy. He is so special to us and anyone who knows him.
Happy birthday and blessings to you!

We celebrated him Cinco de Mayo style (even though it was the 3rd).
Partied at El Patron with all the family.
He ordered the "Little Bit of Everything".
Seriously....that's what it's called.
He said it was definitely a once a year type dinner.
Two plates filled with...well...everything from the menu.
Can you say pepto bismol?


Mom/Nanny said...

I remember when the doctor came to the waiting room to tell us the baby was a BOY! We were so surprised. Your Daddy had gotten tired of waiting so he went home and said "it's just going to be another girls anyway." When I called to tell him it was a boy, he thought I was kidding. He was very happy to finally have a boy! I was too. Nick was and still is so precious to me. Love you Nick! I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Jackie Barham said...

I remember the surprise of a lifetime like it was yesterday, and here it is 15 years later. Hard to believe. When the doctor came to the waiting room, Karen and I really thought he was joking. BUT, when I saw Chris' eyes I know it was true. Chris still had on his mask, but, you could see the pure joy and excitement in his eyes. What a great night that was. Thank you Lord, for Nicky!!!