Thursday, May 06, 2010

what's the haps?

by teresa

Set up for the book fair today.
Next week I will be up there most days working.
I don't mind's so fun to be with the kids and catch up on things with all the volunteers.

After soccer practice tonight, I will be doing some baking.
The MOPS yard sale is tomorrow and I am donating some goodies to the bake sale table.
I don't know what I'm making yet, maybe sugar cookies.
Anything chocolaty will be ruined in the heat.

Tomorrow we have a reprieve from CUSC soccer. The season is over and the only games we have from now till fall is a tournament next weekend. It will be nice to have a break. Well, not a true break (a sleep in kind of Saturday) until Upward is over at the end of the month.

Kristian tried out and made the cheering squad at the middle school. Lauren came over a few times this week to go over moves and cheers with her. We are so excited. Chris and I need to go ahead and set up an account at the Cheer Factory.

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Sterling Dawn said...

congrats to Kristian!!! that's awesome....and i CANNOT believe she is in middle school.