Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's a beautiful life

by teresa

Lauren moved back in last week.
I guess she missed our fridge and laundry service.
She is returning to ODU and was needing a little parental cheerleading to keep her on track.
The past two nights she has slept in the bottom bunk of Ben's bed.
He is sooooo loving that. Except in the morning when he is dressing. Like sissy is laying there peeking at his white heiny.
Shorty has taken up residence on her bed downstairs. We joke that he is so spoiled he won't even lay in a dog bed anymore. It wasn't funny yesterday though, when he took an afternoon nap on the pile of clean clothes folded on her bed.
I don't think the Olive Garden diners will appreciate the smell of sweaty dog wafting up with their linguine.

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