Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gets it.

by teresa

Sitting a few cars behind a handicap bus yesterday morning.
Not gonna lie....I was irritated as heck.
We were running at a late departure due to one of my morning riders sleeping late (I take Ben, Nick and two of Ben's friends to school each morning).
The bus was loading a girl in a wheelchair. It took for-ev-eeeeerrrr to get her in.
Then the bus driver stops to chat it up with the mom in her driveway.
By now, there are about twenty drivers behind me. Everyones cars are inching closer to each other, patience wearing thin, gritting our teeth and trying to find that happy place (there's not much room in my car for a happy place with four boys, four overloaded book bags, a trumpet, two sax's and a clarinet). I was flipping to K-LOVE, trying to find a little MercyMe to get my spirit moving in a better direction. The driver climbs aboard and her STOP sign retracts. phew. Wait...she's still not moving. Another minute ticks by. I can see her inside the bus, milling about. She must be securing the girl or something. Then the car behind her gets fed up and pulls around her. On the two lane road we're sitting on, that is a very dangerous move. He had no idea what was coming from the other side. The driver notices and rushes to her seat. Just as she's pulling off, the black truck in front of me starts to pull around her too. Now she's moving and he's moving beside her and there's a car racing toward him coming from the other direction. Me and the kids are like,"OH CRUD!!" The black truck whips in front of the bus and the bus has to slam on her brakes to avoid a collision. Not cool.
We turn the corner and head toward Nick's school, still talking about the mornings happenings. About 1/4 mile down the road, while passing through one of three school zones we drive through every morning, we see a police car flip his lights on. We look over to see who the contestant of the day is (this guy pulls someone every single morning). It's the black truck! We all scream, "HOORAY!!" He may have experienced a brief victory after passing that bus, but he found the ultimate defeat getting a speeding ticket in a school zone. hahahahahahaha

Comeuppance: A deserved rebuke or penalty.


Mom said...

It's so hard to be patient, especially when you're running late. At least the kids got a good lesson on what happens when you get too impatient and drive wrecklessly.

Anonymous said...

Love it when what goes around comes around! He deserves more than a speeding ticket, though. I would have been tempted to stop and tell the police officer what happened before.