Saturday, September 18, 2010

It sounds like the plot of one of those Davey and Goliath cartoons

by teresa

A full two weeks of school under our belts.
So far so good. The boys love their teachers and have good friends.
Ben's friend Sterling (from soccer team...they shared a b-day party this year) has been having trouble figuring out his locker combination. This is the first year of lockers and Ben loves it. Ben had his combination memorized weeks before school began. Practicing it over and over in his room. Ben found Sterl at his locker long after school had ended. He was frustrated and anxious...trying to open his lock. Ben, the lock master, went to his aid. After Sterl told him his combination, he easily opened it for him. Sterling was so happy and Ben showed him over and over how to do it. The next day he sought Ben out for help after school again. The poor kid just can't get the whole "right, then left a full turn past the first number, then right again.
I praised Ben for helping his friend yet again.
That is until yesterday. Chris, the boy we give a ride to in the afternoon told me a little story. Apparently, Ben went to school this week and straight to Sterling's locker. Having been told Sterling's combination, he undid his lock and turned it around the wrong way and then relocked it. The next day the boys got a giggle watching Sterling struggle on the ground, head flipped around trying to look at the back of his lock to enter the combination.

With friends like that....
Ben and Sterling at their 11th birthday party.


Anonymous said...

Oh my ... that's just wrong! Look what Middle School has already done to our baby. Boys will be boys, I guess. Nanny Jackie

Sterling Dawn said...

bahahahaha! that's funny.

tell ben's friend Sterling that a newly created nickname for 'us' is Ling. apparently, my work friends like it more than Sterl, which is what i was always used to hearing.