Thursday, September 09, 2010

That's why we had her when were so she could take over any parenting jobs we don't care for

by teresa

Monday, (Labor Day) sissy took Ben and Kristian to Kings Dominion.
We had received 4 comp. tickets and gladly turned them over to Lauren, since Chris and I have long outgrown roller coasters.
She picked them up late (almost midnight) Sunday night after she got off work, so they could spend the night and leave early the next morning.
They were asleep on the living room floor by the time she arrived, but came to quickly with the stench of an Olive Garden kitchen in the room. It's like being covered in a thousand bread sticks, a pot of alfredo and 50 meatballs. p-u.
The three of them had a blast (Lauren's friend Jasmine went too) and came home late Monday night. I am glad they got to go out of summer with a bang.
Don't feel bad for Nick or Kai.....they wouldn't have gone if you paid for the tickets, a 24 hour buffet and a limo ride to the park. Rides are so NOT their thing.

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Anonymous said...

I do believe a 24 hr buffet of pizza and ice cream would have done it if all they could do was eat!