Wednesday, September 08, 2010

sign here please

by teresa

We had a record high number of school papers to sign last night ( I say we....but you and me both know it was ME).
My child won't bully, I've read over the grading scale, you have permission to take my child's photo, cheating will be punished, my child is required to do homework, reading is encouraged, proper gym uniforms are required, etc. It's ridiculous that you would have to sign something stating your child will not molest another student during school hours.
Ben, Nick and I sat on the couch, papers spread from here to there, getting all this stuff signed. I pulled out my good pen from the office (cause my handwriting needs to be better than all the other parents handwriting) to get this done. I handed it over to Ben to get his signature on a few things. When repacking the book bags and cleaning up I noticed the cap to my good pen was not on. I fussed at Ben for losing it and tore up the living room trying to find it. Dang irresponsible kids....can't let them touch anything.

Later, when changing for bed I found the pen cap in my bra.
We won't tell Ben that...will we?

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