Thursday, April 29, 2010

I bet he would have liked it if Victor Newman was still on the show

by teresa

Day two of Ben home sick.
He has a bad cough, congestion and sore throat.
He wants to go to school, but I know five minutes after his arrival I would be getting a call.
I just gave him some heavy duty cough suppressant in the hopes of him finding relief.
Also, even when you love someone to the moon and back, their incessant coughing kinda gets on your nerves.
Most of his day yesterday, was spent in his bed. Napping, in between coughing fits and watching his shows (Regis and Rachel Ray). At dinner last night, he informed me that he also watched a soap opera. Apparently, the remote got lost in the blankets. He woke up to an episode of The Young & the Restless and was too lazy to change the channel.
He was not impressed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”

by teresa

Took Nick to his doctors appt. yesterday afternoon.
Wow...are there some characters in that waiting room.
Nick was like, "mom, they all act crazy!"
I was like..."well....yeah."

We tried to distract ourselves from the madness with our ipods and itouch games.
But when somebody "bunnied" loud and proud, I thought Nicky was going to blow a gasket.
His giggling made me have to giggle. I soon found my mind back at Christ The King church, my nanny glaring and shushing me, because I couldn't stop myself from laughing. My uncle would do something to make me laugh and then all the nuns would turn around and give me the stink eye.
Anyway, there was also a lady there (two kids in tow) yelling about the doctor taking too long. She was being so ridiculous (her appt was at was 2:20) and it was causing the other patients to get antsy. "Tell the doctor PEACE OUT", she shouted to the receptionist. "This is so unprofessional...I got places to BE!"
good grief.
An elderly woman came limping in and sat across from us. She had a cast up her leg and was struggling to move around (it took her for-ev-er to get to a chair and sit). I noticed her one shoe was untied, as did this obnoxious old man who announced it to the entire waiting room ("hey lady, you gonna break that other leg you don't tie your shoe").
She looked down to check and I shot to the floor to get that for her. She gave me the sweetest "thank you sugar" and "God bless you".
Nick said I startled him when I jumped out of my seat. Maybe he thought I was making a break for it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A kiss is the upper persuasion for a lower invasion

by teresa

part of an article in a magazine at the Dr.'s office...

Kissing in a Relationship:
"The kiss is the most important part of a relationship. A kiss allows a pair to experience another person with all 5 of their senses and get a feel for the person's intentions, compatibility and connection. Men have testosterone in their saliva that stimulates a woman's sex drive and both parties are given doses of dopamine in the body that produces a feeling of euphoria and keen attention. Kissing is very important to the chemistry of a couple.
Dr. Berman shared that kissing can be a big sign of happiness in a relationship. Couples that kiss and cuddle regularly are 8 times less likely to be stressed or depressed, shared Dr. Berman. A daily peck does not count as an actual kiss. Couples need to share a minimum of a 10 second kiss every day or it's like going through the motions or giving a pat on the back. Not many couples get this kind of connection, but need it and should bring the focus back to the kiss that started the relationship off on the right foot."

I need to make sure Chris reads this.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I entertained myself in the waiting room for two hours playing solitaire on Ben's itouch

by teresa

Took my car to get inspected today.
It was due in March.
I totally didn't even notice until the other day.
Once you realize, you feel like all eyes are on you driving down the street.
Like there's a big sign on the front of the car that says,"give me a ticket!"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

favorite part of the day

by teresa

Chris and I hid in the car for an hour today.
Away from the kids, phone and tv.
We were in our driveway, car off, windows rolled down listening to the wind chimes from the back porch.
Holding hands and laughing about how geeky we were and how sad it is that we have a big house and huge yard and the only place we can get some peace is in the car.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

come home

by teresa

About to leave for another busy Saturday of soccer.
Kaden's game is at 9:00, Kai's at 10:00, Kristian and Ben's at 11:oo and then over to GBHS for Ben's CUSC game at 2:00. The weather is not looking very good, so some of that may get rained out.

Before practice last night, Ben and I went to a new place called Skinny Dip. It's a frozen yogurt shop where you can put all the fixin's on yourself. And by fixin's I mean anything from fresh fruit and hot fudge to jellybeans and fruity pebbles. It was so so so good..and 20% of the sales for the night went to the March of Dimes team that Georgetown Primary had put together. Amy and Isaiah were there and he showed us the yogurt sundae building process. Ben and I ate with a sweet boy (Micah) who was there from Mr. Carmody's class. I think Ben had fun.
We will most certainly be going back again.

After skinny dipping, we crossed the street to the new CHKD thrift store and bought some books and a pair of sneakers for sissy. After practice, while Chris was at YAMS and Nick with Jackie, Ben and I went to see Lauren at Olive Garden. She was really busy and didn't have much time to spend at the table with us. But she did chat long enough for me to give her a guilt trip for not showing up to dinner the other night when I had made her bbq ribs. Hopefully she will get by this week for a visit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe that's why the bag boy gave me such a big smile

by teresa

I bought new bras today.
Not very news worthy, but I am excited about it.
Tossed out all the old, stringy, under wire poky ones in my drawer.
The sisters will be very happy. The one I wore yesterday had a malfunction (strap broke) in the middle of the frozen food section of the grocery store.
Not cool.
Luckily I am short enough that my unbalanced chesticle area was hidden behind the cart handle.
After today's trip to Kohl's (Bali's and Olga's on sale for 50% off) I can shop worry free.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this little piggy went to the market

by teresa

My feet are so dry.
I have this problem a lot because I am not good about putting on shoes when I walk outside.
I have tried numerous creams and serums, with the only result being peppermint smelling toes. *I don't know why...but most foot creams are peppermint scented*
Yesterday, sick of my foot skin pulling the comforter all night, I bought a new product. "Dr. Scholl's for Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream". I was leery, but desperate. So before bed I showered, did the pre-lotion foot exfoliant and opened up the tube. I was pleased with the fresh ,non-minty fragrance. I oil up, as directed and headed to bed. This morning I woke to smooth, non cracked heels. Wow. I am shocked. If it can do this for my nasty can do it for anybody.
Maybe now Chris will be up to playing footsie without the fear of injury or sparks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

what are these things?

by teresa

Helicopters everywhere!
I don't know what kind of tree they come from, but those propeller things are flying all over the yard.
It looks like pink snow.
The worst part is how they cover the pool surface.
One hour of fishing them out with the net....two minutes later and it's covered again.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

where's my booklight?

by teresa

Book club was last night.
My favorite thing.
A small group came together at Morgan's and we got comfy on her big couch and chatted about a wonderful book. Her Mothers Hope by Francine Rivers.
I enjoyed this book so much that it captured me for two days. Two days where I hardly slept, cleaned or spoke to my family. Rivers is an incredible storyteller (she is the author of Redeeming Love...a book every woman should be required to read) and I am on pins and needles awaiting the second novel in this series (due out in the fall).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

they spent the entire pregame week trash talking

by teresa
Kristian and Ben played against each other on opposite soccer teams today.
This was the first time they weren't on the same team since they were five.
It was a heated match. Kristian gave him the most resistance, but in the end Ben's team came out on top. I was worried that he would tease and taunt, but I think he took one look at her post game face (beet red, teeth gritted, hair flying wild from her pony tail) and thought twice.
She assured him later that her team would definitely win next time.

Friday, April 16, 2010


by teresa
We hosted the young adults meeting at the compound tonight.
Chris has been leading the weekly meetings since the fall, but we have never hosted.
There was food grilled, corn hole played and a life applicable devotional given.
The group consisted of 20 and 30 somethings and a couple of old geezers, (myself included) who tagged along to feel young again and catch up on what the "young people" are into these days.
We heard a great message about destroying strongholds and there were interesting discussions and questions by all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

putting my ipod on and making beds

by teresa

The kids are dropped off at school and Chris is on his way to NC. I have the house to myself and I am loving it. Even though I will spend the day on chores and a long list of to do's, I will do it all with joy and gladness. A joy and gladness that only a mother with a house full of loud, stinky, messy boys can know.

Bought a new camera yesterday and can't wait for soccer games on Saturday to try out the cool 4 frames per second shutter. I am so thrilled with my new toy. Now I just need to find a class to teach me how to use it. This thing is way more complicated than I realized. Lordy.

Took these pictures of the kids last night. I at least mastered the "point and shoot" photography for dummies mode. Now I need to figure out the 20 other modes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

i need my house back

by teresa

Last day of spring break today.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

pictures from Lauren's bday party

Where:Uno's in Norfolk
Who: Lauren, Me, Chris, Ben, Nanny J., George, Nanny A. and Kai.
Gifts: Money (lots of money), salon products, laptop bag and talking bear.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

happy birthday lauren!

I became a mom for the first time 21 years ago today.
That day, the maniac-kid entered our lives. Late (a week past her due date) and loud.
Some things never change.
These were some of my favorite pictures of lauren.
Getting her first phone and car, ring dance, cheering and first day of high school.


by teresa

Whoa! So much yellow!
My car, patio furniture, prilla (our fountain).
It seems like more pollen than I've seen in all my years.
That statement made me sound eighty.
Every member of the family is on one allergy drug or another.
Sometimes combo-ing, trying to at least breathe out of one nostril for and hour or so.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

questions and comments heard in the green house this week

by teresa

Mom, can you bring your camera outside and take shots of me dunking? I need a new profile picture.

I only want to pinch the birdies neck.

Kaden hit the dog in the head with a stroller.

Let's just plant grass seeds on the pile of dirt they delivered and have a hill in the front yard.

I sure wish I had a colored egg to eat.

If someone in special ed is late to school are they referred to as "tardy"?

Can I have more money to go to the movies?
I already gave you ten dollars.
What if it costs more?
It's not...I checked online.
What if I want to eat?
Then do a few loops around the food court and get all the free samples.

Friday, April 02, 2010

our new guard dog?

by teresa

We have a bird on our back porch.
It's the same one (at least it looks the same) that made a nest in our garage last year and in our hanging plant the year before.
She usually sneaks in and nests on a high self when the kids lift the door to play.
I suppose she got tired of waiting and plopped in the planter on the steps.
The problem with that is, everyone who enters through the back door, storms past her within inches. This does not make the fowl momma happy.
I love to sit inside and listen to the kids discover this for the first time.
Screams, flailing around and running from the porch in a bolt.

We should have thought of this years ago.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

by teresa

Three weeks of egg ordering, shaping, chocolating, decorating, boxing and bagging have come to an end. Finished the last orders yesterday and now we have to pack up all the equipment and office supplies and clean up our great big mess. I am completely exhausted, as are the other "egg ladies". But, I am going to plow through this day with verve, knowing that my hammock and a 75 degree day wait for me tomorrow.

Oh I have missed you.