Monday, March 21, 2011

back to life

by teresa

So much going on since my last entry.
Band festival, two soccer tournaments (won both of them), three birthdays (Ben, mom and Chris) and two surgeries for the momma.
Lots of hoo hah and whoopsie doo's in between and a whole lot of crazy that makes up our everyday lives.
Glad to back blogging. Actually glad to be back doing anything. I felt like after my surgery, I have been locked away from the world. In my castle, taken care of by my princes, who filled my room with gold fish, diet coke and vicodin. What more could a girl ask for?
Today I will venture out into the world to seek thrills and folly. Actually I am just heading to the dry cleaners and post office and then back home to nap. But who's to say where adventure lies?
With me, it's always right outside my door.

I will leave you with my favorite conversation of the month.

Me: Eww, I think the dog puked on our bed!
Chris: O, thank goodness. I thought it was you having some kind of sick person stank.

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Mom said...

Glad you're back. I've been checking almost every day.