Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I should play the lotto

By Teresa

March madness has begun.
No, not the search for my lost flip flop...the NCAA basketball tournaments.
Ben had blank brackets printed for each member of the family and busted our chops to fill them out a week before games even began.
Because we refuse to have a foot race with him, he has to find some way to make our lives into a competition.
He checks all the scores constantly, tallying points and giving unsolicited updates on our progress.
With 32 games those first few days, playing on five different networks, he was running in every other hour with different results.
Chris said, he wondered if we would be getting so many updates if Ben wasnt in the lead most of the time?
I filled mine out last, actually the day games began. I was so high on pain meds. that I really had no interest in participating at all..
The games have been going on for two weeks now. From 64 teams to the final 16.
Guess who's winning?
Hahahahaha...that's right....ME!

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