Friday, March 25, 2011

Dork or not dork?

By Teresa

You decide?
Things Nick has said to us lately.

"Mom, we should get a bay window, so I could sit in it and think about life."

"There is a lot of trouble in this world...and if you worry, you make it double." "That's a Bob Marley quote...yep that just happened.". Then he walked out of the room leaving Chris and I just staring at each other.

*walks into room where Chris and I are talking...starts playing his ukulele quietly*
"Don't mind me, just keep talking. Im going to play music to go along with what your a soundtrack to a movie."

"I want a Tandem bike for my birthday". "Either that, or a sound board". "Oh yea, or a sock monkey costume".

"Hey mom...don't worry, be happy". Then he proceeded to sing the song over and over for the rest of the weekend until I wanted to move his bed out to the garage. It did NOT make me happy.

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