Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I even miss his snoring

By Teresa

Today was a good day.
Went all day with no fever. I even felt good enough to do a couple tubs of laundry.
Lauren came over (hadn't seen her in 24 days) and she took Ben out shopping for notebooks and then brought home chicfila.
We all ate and then mom came over and we watched American Idol.
It was so nice to hang out with her and I hope she does it more often.
I am beyond thrilled that Chris will be back in town tomorrow night. We have really missed him around here these past two weeks!

Monday, March 28, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

By Teresa

Not myself today.
Doing everything I can to recoup from surgery, but infection, bruising, bleeding and nausea are making it difficult to improve fast enough to keep up with life and all my commitments.
I don't like this.
It makes me sad.
I burst into tears like an idiot at the doctors this morning.
I felt better after I did though.
I haven't read a book in weeks, I just can't focus.
I wish it was warm outside, I would lounge in the hammock.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dork or not dork?

By Teresa

You decide?
Things Nick has said to us lately.

"Mom, we should get a bay window, so I could sit in it and think about life."

"There is a lot of trouble in this world...and if you worry, you make it double." "That's a Bob Marley quote...yep that just happened.". Then he walked out of the room leaving Chris and I just staring at each other.

*walks into room where Chris and I are talking...starts playing his ukulele quietly*
"Don't mind me, just keep talking. Im going to play music to go along with what your a soundtrack to a movie."

"I want a Tandem bike for my birthday". "Either that, or a sound board". "Oh yea, or a sock monkey costume".

"Hey mom...don't worry, be happy". Then he proceeded to sing the song over and over for the rest of the weekend until I wanted to move his bed out to the garage. It did NOT make me happy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

By Teresa

I keep my tweezers in my car. That is where I do my eyebrows because it is the best light and the mirror is literally and inch from my face. No, not while driving. Only in the driveway...and only when the car is parked beside the house. I don't want the neighbors to think I'm a loon. It also keeps the boys from messing with them, which they would do if they were in the house. Previous pairs have been found in toy boxes, under beds and in the backyard. The other day I went outside to have a little pluck time. It was about ten days post surgery and I was finally caring about what I looked like. I climbed in the car and reached for my tweezers (in the pocket inside the door).
They were gone.
I stomped back in the house (well,not stomped...I was still sore. But in my mind I was stomping) and commenced the fussing.
After my ranting all I got was a bunch of "not me's" and "why would we touch your tweezers mom?"
I started doubting myself. Did I put them back last time? Are they in a purse? Maybe they fell under the seat? That is until later that night when i found the remains of my precious tweezers in the corner beside the couch. Comfort grips pulled off and sides bent into a deep V, with no hope of the points ever touching again. When I showed the boys they just stared like deer in headlights. Then Ben was like, "oh yeh...the tweezers. I remember now. I got them out of the car cause I had a splinter. But I did not pull those thingys off the sides!"
We all turned to Nick who grinned like the Cheshire Cat.
I am making a list of chores that they will do to work off payment for my new tweezers (which I will now hide in an undisclosed location). I will also add a few things to the list in payment of my gray hair and c-section scars. Which is only fair after having to sport a unibrow until I was released to drive again and make a trip to walgreens.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I should play the lotto

By Teresa

March madness has begun.
No, not the search for my lost flip flop...the NCAA basketball tournaments.
Ben had blank brackets printed for each member of the family and busted our chops to fill them out a week before games even began.
Because we refuse to have a foot race with him, he has to find some way to make our lives into a competition.
He checks all the scores constantly, tallying points and giving unsolicited updates on our progress.
With 32 games those first few days, playing on five different networks, he was running in every other hour with different results.
Chris said, he wondered if we would be getting so many updates if Ben wasnt in the lead most of the time?
I filled mine out last, actually the day games began. I was so high on pain meds. that I really had no interest in participating at all..
The games have been going on for two weeks now. From 64 teams to the final 16.
Guess who's winning?
Hahahahaha...that's right....ME!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a little off the top

By Teresa

Last week when I was out of commission, Chris took the boys for their hair cuts.
Over to sports clips, where the girls in referee out fits give them a shampoo and cut. Nick always tries to talk me into splurging for the mvp package so he can get a massage too (to no avail).
I was worried they would come home looking like new recruits, buzzed within an 1/8 of an inch from their scalps.
But dad did me proud. They arrived coiffed and gelled to perfection. Dad loved it, I loved it and most importantly, they loved it.
As a matter of fact, Ben now spends more time in front of the mirror than my sister...which is saying a lot. Lol. Waxing, mussing, brushing...repeat. It's so funny.
Nick loves his new style just as much. He can now where a hat without looking like cousin It in a Yamaka.
Chris pointed out another plus to his haircut. He said Nick's hair was so long and with us looking so much alike, he was afraid one day he was gonna smack Nick on the butt, thinking it was me passing by.
Nick said the funniest thing when I remarked that he finally had side burns.
He said,"I was wanting to grow mutton chops, but with my genes all I can manage is a dirty mexi-stach."

Monday, March 21, 2011

back to life

by teresa

So much going on since my last entry.
Band festival, two soccer tournaments (won both of them), three birthdays (Ben, mom and Chris) and two surgeries for the momma.
Lots of hoo hah and whoopsie doo's in between and a whole lot of crazy that makes up our everyday lives.
Glad to back blogging. Actually glad to be back doing anything. I felt like after my surgery, I have been locked away from the world. In my castle, taken care of by my princes, who filled my room with gold fish, diet coke and vicodin. What more could a girl ask for?
Today I will venture out into the world to seek thrills and folly. Actually I am just heading to the dry cleaners and post office and then back home to nap. But who's to say where adventure lies?
With me, it's always right outside my door.

I will leave you with my favorite conversation of the month.

Me: Eww, I think the dog puked on our bed!
Chris: O, thank goodness. I thought it was you having some kind of sick person stank.