Thursday, December 10, 2009

band geeks rule

by teresa

Nick had his "winter" band concert at school tonight.
Chris was out of town until late evening, so I went solo.
It was the usual seasonal song lineup.
Jingle bells, rockin' around the Christmas tree, etc.
After each piece the crowd would give a little clap.
Then they played *get this* Jesus Loves Me.
Jesus. Loves. Me......and it was so beautiful. Soft, intimate and then building up and powerful.
I didn't breathe the entire song. People all around me were singing and humming along. I cried. I was so proud (Nick had told me the director had told them to keep the playlist a secret to surprise the parents).
When the song came to an end most of the crowd leapt to their feet, applauding and cheering.
Take Christ out of schools? Ha!!


Nanny Jackie said...

We forgot until about 7:00pm. I was going to email or call you yesterday and never got around to it. This is going to cost me :) We'll probably have to go to a Mexican restaurant tonight. Seriously ... I'm so sorry we missed it. That is so cool them playing Jesus Loves Me!

Mom said...

Just reading your blog made me want to cry. I'm so happy that Jesus was exalted!

Watkins said...

That is awesome!