Saturday, December 19, 2009

the countdown begins

by teresa

What a week.
Commitments are all behind me...except for all the fun stuff.
Ben has an indoor soccer tournament this weekend.
Short, quick, exciting games.
Only two days of school left, both of which have parties, dessert day and a sing-a-long scheduled (except for poor Nick who has a project due).
I need to sneak over to mil's house to wrap gifts sometime before next Friday. Her house is our hiding place (far from prying eyes). Hey Jackie...when can I come over and escape visit?

Ben's teacher, Mr. C., went exploring the school the other night (before parents arrived for the music concert). He found a fully decorated Christmas tree in an attic and brought it down to display in his room. Ben raved about it and the kids put extra lights and garland all over it. The next morning, while Ben was on safety patrol he heard an alert over the pa system. "IF ANYONE KNOWS THE WHERE ABOUTS OF MS. BALL'S DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREE PLEASE COME TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!" Just then, Mr. Carmody came out of the men's room. He looked and Ben and said, "oh no B...we've been caught!"
He delivered it to it's rightful owner, gushing with apologies (she was snitty and it irked him).
Later in the day he announced to the class, "I don't like to lose....let's go!" So off the class snuck (the entire class). Down the halls up secret staircases (which are totally off limits to students) and into the inner sanctum of the schools storage areas. They searched high and low for another tree. They ended up finding two (one big and one little). The first they brought down was mammoth, and once put together wouldn't fit in the room. So they dragged it back and got the small one. They put it on a desk, skirted it (Ben said it looks more like a table cloth) and decorated away. But it was so much smaller than the original one, that they had an abundance of decorations leftover. What to do? They got a ladder and hung lights from the ceiling tiles and the girls strung garland everywhere. He even let B string lights out the door and down the hall.
Who knew Ben's illumination obsession would be of use in academia?


Nanny Jackie said...

Hahahaha! I love B's teacher! You can come visit anytime. WOW ... there sure is some cool stuff in my garage.

Mom said...

I'll bet Mr. C. will always be remembered as Ben's favorite teacher.