Sunday, December 27, 2009

daquiri anyone?

by teresa

Smoothie maker....a good time for all.
Bought one before Christmas, to complete our perfectly planned Christmas morning breakfast of homemade waffles and smoothies. It was delish.

Ben has a friend over and we just broke it out again.
The perfect late night snack.
Strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and orange juice smoothie (with a touch of whipped cream on top).


Mom said...

Can you make chocolate milkshakes with the smoothie maker? That would be really delicious.

Greens said... has a milkshake switch too. sounds good, doesn't it?

Watkins said...

We love smoothies - but we wore out the blender this summer and had to get another one. Didn't realize there was a special machine for it. I love orange, pineapple, banana with vanilla yogurt - to pretend I'm healthy.