Wednesday, February 03, 2010


by teresa

Time has kinda stood still since the snow on Saturday.
Schools have been cancelled and tomorrow they are closed too.
You can tell this area is not used to having this kind of weather. are out Wednesday from snow on Saturday?

The kids and I are bouncing off the walls.
Today Ben and I went to the library and the thrift store, just to get out of the house.
Nick and the youth group finally arrived home last night, having been snowed in at Accelerant.
He was exhausted and slept until afternoon today.
Then he got up, ate, watched tv and went back to bed until around 7:00pm.
You know you've had a good time when you have to sleep for two days to recover.

Tonight, Ben has Keagan and Joe over.
They are literally bouncing off the walls.
It is 12:47am and I hear them yelling cannonball...and then jumping from the top bunk. The dishes in the kitchen cabinets sound like they are breaking.

Why am I up, besides the hurricane of testosterone going on across the hall from my bedroom?
Ben burst through our door a few minutes ago. He and the boys were playing with this giant stuffed dog Ben has had for years. I had shoved it in the back corner of his toy closet long ago. Nostalgia? No. The thing cost like $100 bucks and I don't part with $100 stuffed animals without it being infested with rats or something. It has a rip in the seam and they were messing with the stuffing (it probably looks like it snowed in his room). Anyway, stuck inside Darby (the dog's name), was Ben's ear. For those of you not in our immediate family, I will elaborate. Ben called his "blankie"...ear. Because he twirled it and poked it in his ear while he sucked his pacifier. In 90% of the pictures of Ben before the age of 3, he had his "ear" by his side. I guess after he lost interest, he shoved it inside of Darby and forgot about it. Well, after discovering it, all these years later, he was excited enough to burst into our room and share the joy. At midnight.

So I came down to find my ipod and book light (so I can read without disturbing Chris). I am hiding in the office, in the dark for the moment (blogging and checking facebook). If they see I am up, it will draw them down like moths to a light. I will now sneak back up to bed with my book and a little music to tide me over until the sandman arrives.


Jackie Barham said...

Ahhh ... memories of ear. He was SO cute with that. That's funny that Chris can sleep through all of that.

Mom said...

Kristian and Kai would have loved to come over and jump off the bed, too. Maybe next time (just kidding).