Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forget Mary had a Little Lamb. How about The Allen's have a stupid dog?

by teresa

Ben came home yesterday and told me that KiKi (mom's dog), followed him and Kristian to school that morning. All the way to the front door. The principal said, "there's a big dog outside!"
Oh my Lord?!
I would have been like, "I have no idea who's dog that is?"
Ben said she had the crossing guard in a tizzy. The guard was stopping cars for the kids to cross and KiKi was running in between the cars like a nut.
Ben and Kristian were so embarrassed.
This dog escapes the house daily, barks at the old lady who rides her bike through the neighborhood and terrorizes the kids at the bus stop.
I think she needs doggy downers.

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Mom said...

I'm sad because we're going to have to take KiKi to the SPCA before she gets hit by a car. She's getting really careless about running out into the street when cars are coming. I hope someone who has a big yard in the country or a farm adopts her. I'll sure miss her, though. She's a really good dog other than her bad habit of running away every day.