Friday, February 26, 2010

hamster funny

by teresa

Had two funny hamster comments this week.
The first was at MOPS. Our craft was to make scented sachets for our dresser drawers. It went along with our speaker from The Full Cup, who came in to talk about the importance of having the correct fitting bra (no uni-boob or butt-crack boob...both of which I have all the time). Anyway, we were making sachets. The coordinator told me she had forgot to get scented chips to put inside the decorated bags. She sent her husband out late the night before to pick some up. He came home with cedar smelling hamster cage shavings. Too funny.
So the ladies spent time stamping, painting and lacing ribbons on these pretty silk pouches. Once filled, they brought them to the tables for all to admire, ready to take them home and place in their intimates drawer.
Then one woman said, "Just what I always wanted...hamster crotch."
I have giggled about this all night.

Last night before bed, Ben fed Pooh (his hamster) and gave him a bit of attention. Then he went to put him in the hall closet. Why? He (Pooh) has been extra energized at night and has kept Ben up chewing his toys and running on his wheel. He grabbed up his cage, clutched it to his body and went down the hall. I hear, "OWWWW! OWWWW!"
Ben came back in half laughing and teary.
"What happened", I asked?
"My hamster gave me a titty twister", he replied.
Ben was shirtless when carrying the cage to the closet. I guess Pooh wanted to have his disapproval felt and gave B a bite on his "beep".

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