Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I highly recommend the tuna tacos

by teresa

Presidents day.
Chris was off, but the kids had a snow makeup day.
I had plans.
Movie, lunch out...
Unfortunately, the movie I wanted to see had start times after 1:00pm in all local theatres.
We would never make it home before Ben's arrival from school.
So we altered things.
We went to lunch at Olive Garden (in the hopes of catching a glimpse of our oldest offspring), then came home and took a two hour nap. We had an outstanding seafood dinner at Wicker's and then home to pajama's, the Olympics (even though I know it pains him to watch figure skating) and reading on the couch.
My favorite time of the day?
The reading together on the couch.
No, we didn't read to each other...we read our separate books (him The Help and me Redemption) and made comments about how all the figure skaters were busting their butts.
It was the perfect day.


Jackie Barham said...

Wickers ... I didn't think of that. We need to go there.

Jackie Barham said...

and ... awww ... what a great day.