Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Ben!

We decorated your room with a Noah's Ark theme. I loved it so much and had it completed months before you were born. Even though you moved out of that room 10 years ago (and now have a room plastered with soccer stars posters and medals), I still have the light switch plate up in that room (the office). I can't let go of it.
We called you Eeyore as a toddler, because you spoke in slow, low, monotone sentences.
Your love (obsession) of cars began at an early age. You were about 3yrs old when we noticed you were calling out makes and models as we drove from place to place. "Honda Accord" "Ford Mustang!" "Dodge!"
Going along with the whole car thing, was your enthusiasm for keys. You wanted keys, keys and more keys. You had them in your drawers, toy box and pockets at all times. More times than not, you had our keys hidden somewhere. Dad would try to leave for work and we would have to search the house for his keys, which were found 9 times out of ten, in the trunk of your "Flintstones car" in the backyard.
Tippy toes. You walked on your tippy toes for years. Sometimes, when you are bare foot, I notice you doing it still. We like to joke that your natural abilities on the soccer field are due to your over utilized calf muscles.
If anyone has any memories of Ben, please add them in the comments.

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