Monday, January 24, 2011

can I go to the nurse please?

by teresa

Katy called and needed me to pick up Kai from school today. She had a few too many kids and not enough car seats to make her going up there possible. I ran a few streets over to get him (after changing into something nice, applying makeup and fixing my hair). I could not walk into SRI (my old domain) looking like a shabby housewife who hadn't showered. I got to see all my old friends (secretaries, teachers, security guard and principal) and got lots of hugs, which made my day. I really miss the family atmosphere there. I went back to the nurses office where Kai was laying on a bed, lights down low. She and I walked over to him and asked how he was doing. He said his tummy still hurt. I asked if he had thrown up and he said, "no, but I did have chronic diarrhea". That cracked the nurse and I up. She said had she known it was a chronic situation, she would have called sooner.

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