Wednesday, January 05, 2011

he needs his rabies and his "I'm too lazy to walk outside so I will just pee on the floor" shots

by teresa

Taking Shorty to the vet this morning.
I think he knows something up.
I just found him hiding in the shower.
too funny!

Add on:
Shorty did great, although he did freak out and shed most of his fur off on me.
Funny thing happened on the way home. One of those tiny yippy dogs jumped out of the window of the car driving in front of me. The driver flipped out and came to a Dukes of Hazzard stop right on Indian River Road. She leapt out of the still running car and started chasing after the dog. It was insane. I felt bad for her and almost turned around further down the road to stop and help. Then I remembered that this was the same road Chris uses to drive to and from work. And if he drove by and saw me darting in and out of traffic he may just take me to get a rabies shot too.

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Anonymous said...

Did you offer her Shorty...Just asking.