Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some folks are wise, and some are otherwise

By Teresa

I did a Really stupid thing the other day. I'm sure it's something I should have known, especially at my age. But alas, forty doesn't necessarily mean your a walking google (answers for every question).
Everyone had left for school and I was cleaning the kitchen. Scraping breakfast bits off dishes and wiping off the counters. I loaded the dishwasher and reached for a cascade gel ball to stick it so I could get the load running and move on to making beds, folding laundry and head to the grocery store. The cascade bag was empty. Crud! I really wanted to get these dishes I reached for my dish soap. Maybe I could just put a bit of a squirt in the little cleaner compartment and it would be good enough? So I did. I set it...and went on to finish my list of to do's. About an hour later I was upstairs putting away clothes in Ben's room when Shorty came upstairs to spy on me (he follows me from room to room most days). I glanced over at him and screamed. He was covered in something. Something white. It was flinging all over the carpet as he shook himself beside me. Omg!!! It was bubbles!
I ran downstairs and found out where he had been bathing....the kitchen. I had stuck his food bowl in front of the dishwasher and that knucklehead dog had stood there chowing down as our maytag spurt out foam all over his head (and the entire floor). Hahahahahahaha
I laughed till my sides hurt while I mopped up the floor and dried off Shortman before anyone came home to find out the dumb thing I had done. I must keep up appearances of perfection at all times. Lol.
I added cascade to my grocery list and pulled out all the dishes and rinsed them thoroughly before reloading the washer to be run after my trip to the store.
Oh well, you live and learn.
On the kitchen floor has never looked so good!

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Watkins said...

You are so crazy. . . I needed that laugh.