Monday, January 10, 2011

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?

by teresa
Sports and kids are and interesting combination.
Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frustrating and sometimes down right heart attack inducing.
With three kids in our house who have played five different sports (yes, cheering counts as a sport), we have been through a spectrum of emotions. You start out with high hopes of shooting, stealing, scoring, etc. You quickly learn that your kids motivations are much different than yours. They are there for social time and snack time. Before the first whistle even blows they are wanting to know what the after game snack is going to be. I not only have my own children to cheer on, but have had the privilege of watching my oldest nieces and nephew pick flowers in a field (play soccer). This week Kaden (age 5) played her first basketball game. She is built like an athlete, has a daddy for a coach and looks adorable in the uniform. What else do you need? During pregame warm ups she was smiling, participating and waving to us. Once the whistle blew for the game to begin she freaked out. I know it is just about the most frustrating thing for a parent to go through...but for an's hilarious to watch. What? I've been there, done that. Now it's time for me to giggle and point like all those older parents did to me when I was in tears as Nick was grabbing my leg and screaming that I wouldn't go out on the field with him. She did end up out on the court for a few minutes, but never let go of her daddy's leg (yes, he was on the court with her). hahahaha
Oh the joys parenting!

Pic. #1
Daddy Josh and Kaden running out on the court as their team name is announced!
Pic. #2
Kaden looking over at me with a smile, excited for her game.
Pic. #3
Josh getting them lined up, ready for game to begin
Pic. #4
Ben consoling Kaden who was sobbing on the bench after the whistle blew
Pic. #5
Kaden in the game, Josh trying to pry her hands off his pants legs

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Kaden's Momma said...

Awww... My poor, very shy, little Kaden. She doesn't like people to watch her. If everyone turned their backs, she would do good!