Monday, June 29, 2009

Gonna let it all hang out...

by teresa

Me and two other PTA'ers are going to start walking together Mon., Wed. and Fri. mornings. They have been doing it for a few I will have to build to their pace.
I'm excited for the exercise and for the lady talk.

Went to our next door neighbor's wedding last night. It was very sweet and the reception was great. Yummy food and who doesn't like to sit around and bust on the tipsy people dancing? You think you can read a person....but let the dj play a fast paced dance tune and the predetermined image is blown right out the window.
Picture it...
"older" lady
conservative, polyester pantsuit
hair in a bun...high and tight
sitting with hubby in the corner.
Then the dj starts up Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman"
Oh my goodness.
Strutting, spinning, pelvic thrusts, wiggles, arms in the air, eyes closed, lips puckered.
What a hoot!!!


Nanny Jackie said...

Walking ... good for you! Hope you get out early 'cause walking in the heat isn't fun. Although, you're getting conditioned to heat with all those ball games.

Mom said...

That dancing woman really surprised me. It was alot of fun to watch. I wish I had some of that yummy food right now. That chicken and beef was so delicious.