Sunday, June 07, 2009

what ingredient took it from brownies to a cake?

by teresa

I decided to make Chris some brownies on Friday.
From scratch...which was a first.
He had hinted the night before that he would really love a brownie and I wanted to surprise him.
I gathered all the ingredients and set them out on the counter.
I tried to get the cocoa powder, but it was too high in the cabinet.
I grabbed a big spoon and did my short girl, pinata move. That's how I usually get things from the top shelf. Swat and swing till it gets knocked within my grasp.
Well, I hit too hard and the cocoa powder flew down and hit the counter.
It open and poofed all over the kitchen. It was a huge mess.
I cleaned it up, which took forever, and made the brownies.
They were from an old church cookbook recipe.
When I pulled them out of the oven it was a chocolate cake.
What the heck?
The recipe said Texas brownies....but there was nothing brownie about it.
Everyone loved it, especially with the fudgy icing. But I had really wanted a brownie.

Later that evening Katy remarked about something all over my back.
It was cocoa powder. good grief.


Sarah H. said...

You know, I tried making brownies from scratch recently. I was REALLY wanting brownies. So I took a recipe from my old "kids cook book" and made the brownies--I was trying to stay away from "hydrogenated oils" that are found in the Pillsbury box mix. Those from scratch brownies tasted HORRIBLE...and so I went to the store and bought the Pillsbury box THOSE are brownies!!! :) All that to say: I feel your brownie pain.

Mom said...

Well I'm glad they didn't turn out as brownies because then Chris would have wanted them. Instead, I enjoyed a piece of that delicious cake (well, actually several).