Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I would like a cup of Darjeeling Vidyaranya Black Tea please

by teresa

"Mom, can I just stay home from school...we aren't doing anything?"
This is the question I have heard from both boys...every morning...for over a week.
They both have summer-itis...bad.
Only 7 more school days left. The last is even a half day. So I think they can make it.

Yesterday I attended a tea party.
It was for MOPS and they do it at the end of every year (MOPS is from Sept. to May).
I forgot my camera and I am so mad at myself for that.
I had a good time and was even full when leaving.
I say that because Katy and I were looking at the online menu and commenting that we will have to grab a bite to eat after we leave the tea. Tiny sandwiches and tea bread just didn't seem very satisfying. But they were and delicious too. Twenty something ladies showed up and we had a blast. Talking (loudly) and laughing (even more loudly) for two hours. We only left one broken tea cup and some stained table cloths in our wake.

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Nanny Jackie said...

MOPS is such an awesome ministry.