Thursday, October 08, 2009

the days of our lives

by teresa

The "sick" has come to the Green house.
Nick stayed home from school today...he says his body aches.
I know he is really sick too, because I made eggs and bacon for breakfast his morning and he refused to eat. That's the only way to tell if he is faking or not.

Ben went to school with a sore leg. His pencil poke (accident by his bff Anthony) yesterday has his leg a bit bruised and sore. He also has a black hole, which he is convinced is filled with lead. We will keep an eye on it over the next week.

Lauren's car died the other day. She thought it was the battery (and so did Advance Auto).
They put in a new one for her and she was off for another night of friends and fun. Unfortunately, it was not the was the alternator. So her car died and her nanny went to her rescue (we were out and she didn't call us). Mom said it took them six jumps to get home. The thought of this cracks me up. Mom and Kai in the truck, Lauren and two friends in the Ford. SIX JUMPS....on one road. At one point, in the rush of things, the cables touched each other and said Kai jumped out of the car thinking it was going to explode. lol
After a ridiculous quote from our usual repair shop, Lauren enlisted her friend Kwadjo (mechanic and engineer) to put in an alternator she is purchasing from the auto store. I am going to make him something (cake, pie,?) to show our appreciation.


katy said...

how bout you just give him Lauren's hand in marriage...then y'all can call it even. Aww but thats not really fair to him, is it?

Lauren, if you are reading this...I am just kidding.

...but if not, I am completely telling the truth ;o)

Nanny Jackie said...

What a week at the Greens. Hope there's not more drama for a few days.

Mom said...

I didn't think the car was going to explode. That was Kai! Just wanted to set the record straight. I'm not THAT crazy.

Greens said...

I said Kai...not you mom.

It took him 3 hours to fix it. We are so blessed to know him. the repair shop was going to charge $450