Wednesday, October 21, 2009

who could have forseen this?

by teresa

I hear screaming in the backyard.
I open the door and Ben is on the ground crying (his somebody just chopped off my foot, cry).
Nick is standing ten feet away with a smile on his face.

I motion for Nick to come in immediately.
Separate first....ask questions second. That's my motto.

Nick storms past me and huffs,"we were just plaaay-ing!"

Sniffing, groaning and wailing Ben limps over to me...doing that gasp for breath fake crying thing to get his brother into level four trouble.

Level 1: brother farts on other brother, doesn't flush toilet or steals remote
Level 2: brother takes other brothers ipod, makes "that" face or tells embarrassing sibling story to outsider
Level 3: brother pinches, slaps or helps himself to other brothers money
Level 4: brother *accidentally* pushes other brother down stairs , knocks out teeth or wears dad's socks (this seriously ticks Chris off)

I ask what happened and after the first sentence I realize son #2 is really not as smart as all his stellar report cards have charted.

How did he begin his rant?

"I asked Nick to play dodge ball with me and then...blah blah blah blah"

Well duh!


Sterling Dawn said...

you crack me up, teresa! i needed this!!! hahahahaa

Sarah H. said...


Mom said...

He did ask for it, didn't he?