Friday, October 30, 2009

the hazards of wearing an ipod

by teresa

Chris jokes me because I walk around the house, doing my "thang", listening to my ipod.
He talks to me and I either can't hear him, or I respond back with a shout (not realizing my voice is raised). He also claims to hear little bursts of singing, as I go through the house. I told him that I thought I was singing in my head. He vows to secretly record me sometime to show me how crazy I look.

I took my ipod to school during the book fair. The few times I was alone, I would crank it up and walk around straightening the books. FYI, the song Total Praise (my version is by Donnie McClurkin) makes it impossible for me to focus on anything else. It draws me in and I have to (yes, have to) close my eyes and lift my hands (the lyrics tell me to) and I am completely oblivious to all things around me. *driving is not recommended while listening to this song* That's why I had no idea that a 4th grade class had come in to shop. When the song finally ended (that is a looong song) I opened my eyes and saw twenty five 10 yr olds and a very confused teacher staring at me with concern.
I shoved the ipod in my pocket and told them I was "gettin' my praise on".
They giggled and went to shopping.
I didn't use it the rest of the week.
Wouldn't it have been funny if it was Kristian or Ben's class?


Nanny Jackie said...

LOL! That would have been funny if it was Kristian's or Ben's class.

Mom said...

Yes, I think they might have been a little embarrassed. But I am proud of you for praising in a public school. More people need to do that. The darkness has to flee.