Saturday, October 17, 2009

You don't have to brush your teeth - just the ones you want to keep.

by teresa

They're everywhere lately.
Wandering inside Walgreen's, asking for money for a sick child.
Outside Target with a sign reading,"hungry...need help. God Bless."
At the pump, begging for change, enough to get them to the next town.
I give...sometimes. Do they use the cash for needs? Wants? Beer?
Mother Teresa said,"If you can't feed a hundred people...feed one."
I like that. Making a difference...little by little.
My mom is Mother Teresa x 100. The givingest giver of all the givers in Giverland.
A kind, thoughtful, sympathizer. If you see her, ask about the time she gave a homeless man a tuna fish and ketchup sandwich.
The other day she was out and about and saw a man at the traffic light. He was hungry and broke (or so his sign said). She had no cash, but looked around her car quickly before the light turned green. Aha! A box of apple jacks in the backseat! She leaned back, grabbed the box and pulled up to the beggar. Stretching out the window, no doubt with a big smile on her face, she offered the Kellogg's deliciousness. He shook his head and turned her gift down.
She was confused for a minute until he smiled and thanked her. "I have no teeth," he said.
You definitely need teeth to eat applejacks.


mrshart82 said...

Awww your momma is a very giving woman and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You are very blessed to have her as your mother.

Watkins said...

There are lots of homeless people here too. James' mom made care bags for them with water and a snack. Jamie liked handing them out the window. We do what we can! Glad your mom is teaching you and your kids right.

Karen said...

Care bags are a great idea. I should do that. I was thinking about getting a bunch of $5.00 McDonald gift cards, too.