Friday, October 23, 2009

what are they teaching these days?

by teresa

Ben was bragging about his knowledge of elements.
"AU is gold, B is boron, HE is helium, O is oxygen".
They just started covering this in science class, but with the way Ben talks (the kid is full of himself) you would think he is a child prodigy in nuecleosynthesis.

Then he said the funniest thing. What made it funny is that he said it with total certainty and authority.

"There is a boy in my class that knows the entire PATRIOTIC TABLE by heart!" *lol*

AU America United?
AM Amber waves of grain?
IN In God we trust?

They didn't teach the patriotic table in the 80's. It must be the new science.


Mom said...

That's funny. I wonder why they call it the Periodic table? Nevermind, I just looked it up so now I know why.

novaks8 said...

I never did learn that patriotic table myself....

Kids are sponges for sure!