Friday, June 18, 2010

at least it wasn't a girl and Nick didn't ask her out

by teresa

We have a family picture framed in our kitchen. It is of all my dad's side of the family and us at a Christmas party this past year. A party Chris, Nick and Ben missed because of ODU basketball.
The other day I came home and Nick said, "mom, the boy that sits by me in Spanish class is in the picture in the kitchen." Apparently, Nick has become a man and thus doesn't noticed things that are right in front of his face (i.e. a photo that has hung in his favorite room for seven months).
I had him point the kid out.
The boy who has been in his class all year....his cousin Tyler Glazebrook (my 1st cousin Joey's son).
Too funny!
He went to school the next day and told him,"we have a picture of you in our kitchen."
Tyler was a little weirded out and then Nick explained who he was.
They got a laugh out of it and can catch up at the family reunion in July.
It's a small world after all.

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Mom said...

Yes, its' a small world and that is a really great story. Kind of like Katy and the animal control girl being in the same picture that you're talking about. Oh yeah, and the animal control girl is Tyler's Dad's girlfriend.