Saturday, June 26, 2010

thank the Lord I remembered to bring my fan!

by teresa

The Green's have left the building.
In the OBX with the 'grands and looking forward to a relaxing week of sun and fun.
We got the shopping done this evening, so the cabinets and fridge are stocked with everything our family needs to survive a week away from home.
Diet coke and chips ahoy!
We made it a whole hour before a plunger emergency was in order (Nick). I think that's a record. We asked him to do a courtesy flush to avoid further plumbing problems.
The boys hopped in the hot tub after dinner (Ben tried to talk us into letting him eat IN the hot tub) and then Nick and I took Shorty for a walk on the beach.
Jackie and Ben have set their alarms for 0'dark:thirty, to go for a run tomorrow.
George, Chris, Nick and I plan to unplug our alarm clocks and put them in the closet until next Saturday.

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Jackie Barham said...

Excellent summary! It doesn't get any better than vacation with our family!!!!