Wednesday, June 02, 2010

can you say inconsiderate?

by teresa

Conversation with my teen:

Teen (in the morning): Mom, you don't have to pick me up after school today. I am walking to the rec. center with my friends to play basketball.

Mom: Sounds great precious boy, have a blessed day at school. (actually I said, "whatever")

Teen (texting mom during school against the rules big time): Mom, please come after school to pick up my book bag so I don't have to carry it to the rec. center.

Mom: No problem sweetheart, anything for you. (again, I probably said "whatever")

With the end of school near, I drop what I am doing at home (I'm sure it was something super improtant) and head to the parking lot to wait for Nicky. I get there a few minutes early to get one of the coveted spots (it gets crazy with all the after school pickups). I wait and wait and wait some more. School has now ended and I wait. The buses have now left and I wait. Then I here my phone do the little *ting* for a text message.

Teen (texting mom): Nevermind

Mom: Nevermind what? I am here already!

Teen: Nevermind

Mom: Did you leave already? Nevermind me going home or nevermind me staying here?

Teen: no response

Now I have to remember this the next time he "needs me". If he needs to be picked up from something, I will wait until twenty minutes after our arranged pick up time and then text him, "nevermind"!


Jackie Barham said...

ROFL! They never cease to amaze me.

Mom said...

Yep, he's really a teen now.