Tuesday, June 29, 2010

not a squirrel in sight

by teresa
Shorty is acting so weird on vacation.
He keeps waking us up around 5:00am.
Barking and growling until Chris (not me....no way) gets up and walks him outside.
At our house he doesn't rise till around 9:00am. And even then, he only goes out back long enough to pee and bark at a squirrel.
I suppose he prefers the scenery here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

thank the Lord I remembered to bring my fan!

by teresa

The Green's have left the building.
In the OBX with the 'grands and looking forward to a relaxing week of sun and fun.
We got the shopping done this evening, so the cabinets and fridge are stocked with everything our family needs to survive a week away from home.
Diet coke and chips ahoy!
We made it a whole hour before a plunger emergency was in order (Nick). I think that's a record. We asked him to do a courtesy flush to avoid further plumbing problems.
The boys hopped in the hot tub after dinner (Ben tried to talk us into letting him eat IN the hot tub) and then Nick and I took Shorty for a walk on the beach.
Jackie and Ben have set their alarms for 0'dark:thirty, to go for a run tomorrow.
George, Chris, Nick and I plan to unplug our alarm clocks and put them in the closet until next Saturday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

questions and comments heard in the green house this week

by teresa

Is that a hickey?

Just because she asked to be your friend, does not make her a hooker.

Would you pick me over the vampire?

I need a crappy and a nappy.

Who erased So You Think You Can Dance from the dvr? Somebody is on restriction!

Sorry Teresa, but Ronaldo keeps his shirt on for the game.

It smells like teenager in this room...blech.

Are you hot and bothered? No, I'm bothered and hot!

Would you eat the eel or the blowfish?

I love watching you crack crabs. I get a thrill when you pull out a piece of meat in one big chunk.

I gotta remember what put you in such a good mood, so I can do it again.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it.

by teresa
Ben had his awards ceremony yesterday. He really had a stellar year and earned many certificates, ribbons and pins. The highest in my opinion, The President's Award for Educational Excellence. The highest in his opinion, Student of the Year (awarded by his teacher Mr. Carmody).
Pic. #1: Ben and his team mates Joe and Sterling (also school mates). Pic. #2: Ben and his Principal Mrs. Fortner. Pic. #3: Ben and our Mayor Dr. Krasnoff, Principal and Vice Principal.

the only negative is the 6:30am arrival time. Runners are insane.

by teresa
Tomorrow Ben and Jackie are participating in the CHKD run for the kids.
It's Ben's first race and he is so excited. Of course he thinks he is going to win.
He told us his plan is to run with Nanny and then with a half mile left he is going to go turbo.
I can't wait to take pictures and cheer them on.

at least it wasn't a girl and Nick didn't ask her out

by teresa

We have a family picture framed in our kitchen. It is of all my dad's side of the family and us at a Christmas party this past year. A party Chris, Nick and Ben missed because of ODU basketball.
The other day I came home and Nick said, "mom, the boy that sits by me in Spanish class is in the picture in the kitchen." Apparently, Nick has become a man and thus doesn't noticed things that are right in front of his face (i.e. a photo that has hung in his favorite room for seven months).
I had him point the kid out.
The boy who has been in his class all year....his cousin Tyler Glazebrook (my 1st cousin Joey's son).
Too funny!
He went to school the next day and told him,"we have a picture of you in our kitchen."
Tyler was a little weirded out and then Nick explained who he was.
They got a laugh out of it and can catch up at the family reunion in July.
It's a small world after all.

Monday, June 07, 2010

ain't no party like a Monarch party cause a Monarch party don't stop

by teresa
Late night last night.
Up with the men watching the Celtics and Lakers in game two of the playoffs.
Celtics pulled out a win and now the series is tied one to one.
We all went to bed happy.

We hosted the Monarchs end of season party on Saturday.
We ate, swam and talked for five hours.
There were fifty of us and we ate like there were a hundred of us.
Chris grilled for hours. lol
I can't believe it has been two full years since the team was formed out of several Indian River rec. teams.
The best kids and parents you could ask for.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

“We are in the stickiest situation since sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.”

by teresa

While reading Katy's fb status yesterday I found out she made breakfast for dinner last night.
Sounded good and then something flashed in my mind.
When I came home from soccer practice last night our kitchen counter was swirled with syrup.
I was like...what the heck?
Once I read that she had pancakes, I figured she had come to borrow syrup and somehow spilled some on the counter in her Mrs. Butterworth stealing rush.
I commented on her wall, busting her to the world and reveling in my Nancy Drew like mystery solving skills.
This morning I hopped on facebook to see what she wrote.
Instead I found a comment from Lauren.
It read:
haha, that would be me. I put syrup in my cheerios because we had no sugar. It was pretty good too :)
Who is this kid and where did she come from?
I love syrup as much as the next chubby girl, but in my cereal? I don't think so.
Only "the maniackid" could come up with this as a meal.
fyi: our sugar is in the full canister on the counter that says sugar across the front of it.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

can you say inconsiderate?

by teresa

Conversation with my teen:

Teen (in the morning): Mom, you don't have to pick me up after school today. I am walking to the rec. center with my friends to play basketball.

Mom: Sounds great precious boy, have a blessed day at school. (actually I said, "whatever")

Teen (texting mom during school against the rules big time): Mom, please come after school to pick up my book bag so I don't have to carry it to the rec. center.

Mom: No problem sweetheart, anything for you. (again, I probably said "whatever")

With the end of school near, I drop what I am doing at home (I'm sure it was something super improtant) and head to the parking lot to wait for Nicky. I get there a few minutes early to get one of the coveted spots (it gets crazy with all the after school pickups). I wait and wait and wait some more. School has now ended and I wait. The buses have now left and I wait. Then I here my phone do the little *ting* for a text message.

Teen (texting mom): Nevermind

Mom: Nevermind what? I am here already!

Teen: Nevermind

Mom: Did you leave already? Nevermind me going home or nevermind me staying here?

Teen: no response

Now I have to remember this the next time he "needs me". If he needs to be picked up from something, I will wait until twenty minutes after our arranged pick up time and then text him, "nevermind"!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

He was wearing his hokies hat and flip flops all weekend. I know this because of his weird feet tan lines and hat head

by teresa

Ben went out of town with friends this weekend.
I packed his bag for him, knowing if he were the one to do the packing it would contain a bathing suit, his hokies hat and itouch. Forget underwear, forget toiletries, forget a change of clothes.
He came home Sunday afternoon with tales of hide and seek in the hotel, cannonballs in the pool and video games with the boys. A good time was had by all (sans the hotel staff).
As I unpacked the bag I laughed, pj's still folded and untouched, only one outfit dirty (he was gone Fri-Sun) and then I unzipped the front pocket.
The toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant...still in the wrappers. Gross.
I questioned him about this and his response was,"oh, I guess I forgot."
Apparently all he did need was a bathing suit, hokie hat and itouch.