Thursday, July 31, 2008

show some respect!

by teresa

All week VBS had an offering contest.
Three people (Pastor, Deacon, Teacher)
Three collection buckets.
Whoever received the most money had to suffer some kind of messy humiliation.
Our pastor won, with $200 more than the other participants.
The older kids got to pelt him with cream pies.
I even heard some adults bragging that they got a throw in.
Poor man.
Our preschool class got to spray him with silly string.
I guess they figured it wasn't very smart to give pies to a group of 3,4 &5yr olds.
The kids loved it...I mean really loved it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rollin' in the ATL

By Chris

I've had a bit of a summer break from traveling. Break over. Sitting in the Atlanta airport now getting ready to fly home. That 3:45 a.m. alarm is going to take some getting used to again. I've come to like Atlanta pretty well. I used to spend most of my time here well away from downtown. Lately, I'm mostly downtown. Shorter train rides. No need for cars. A bunch of good restaurants you can walk to. Stuff like that. Since my last trip, I got an i-Pod. I've been wearing it walking around in the city, on the train, in the airport. You can really get into your own little world with these things. I think I accidentally danced a couple of times. If you're not careful, a funky beat can get dropped and tempt you to pimp walk in public. I know I bopped my head on the train. I wonder if I looked cool? Probably not. I got some looks like , "Check that white boy in his suit head boppin'" With the music going and sunglasses on, you can actually feel pretty alone on a train with hundreds of people.

Finally, only in Atlanta:
Went to a pretty fancy restaurant last night. The kind with a big name chef (I didn't recognize it, but they assured me that he is top notch, famous . .. blah, blah, blah). There was a $110 group drink on the menu. Their most famous specialty: Beef ribs with homemade salt and vinegar chips!! I had bass and shrimp dumplings.

clap your hands....and stomp your feet

by teresa

Another terrific night at VBS.
A cute thing happened as I was doing the lesson.
I had climbed up in a chair (a tree) and was pointing out looking for Jesus coming (Zaccheus). I shouted "there he is". When Jesus (my sister Katy) called me down from the "tree" a little boy scrambled from his spot on the floor and hopped in the chair. "I want to see Jesus me!" I pointed out towards the hallway (trying to keep the flow of my story going) and just then one of our deacons named Sam walked by (his head passing the window at the top of the door). The kid came off the seat squealing. After the story I tried to explain to the boy about Jesus being a man and walking around on Earth a long time ago and now he is in Heaven and in our hearts. But he just looked at me like I was nuts.
Another story another time.

I have really enjoyed having Lauren help with me this week. She is such a fun person and since she has been in college and had a job it has been nearly impossible to spend time with her. She is so good with the kids and they all love her. I am excited to see what kind of teacher she will be once school is over.
I wish I had a camera with me when we were doing our memory rhythm song(rap) last night. Some of the other helpers walked out of the room for a moment and it was just me, Katy and Lauren leading the kids. Lauren and Katy busted out some funky moves and really got the kids going. I definitely need to charge the video camera for tonight.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


by teresa

Busy week.
Soccer camp for Ben in the mornings and VBS at night.
VBS is going great with over 100 registered now. I hope tonight we add even more.
We had sixteen in the preschool class (although it felt like sixty).
Thank you Lord for a teachers patience and love for kids....cause I could NOT do that day in and day out.
We did a skit where Jesus healed my crippled friend (a stuffed dog with bandages). I put him behind the puppet stage sick and he was tossed out healed (bandages removed). The kids were amazed...and one boy spent the rest of the evening trying to find Jesus behind the curtain. hee hee

Monday, July 28, 2008

Actual questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

by teresa

Did she hit him in the candlestick?

There was a part for a nerd and right away they thought of you.

No, there is no rat in the refrigerator.

Mom, I'm so proud of all you do for me.

Can you spell Chrysanthemum?

You got lots of white hairs sticking up in the middle of your head.

What you think?

I am a grown up, I already went to college once. I am not doing it again!

Your daughter!?

No, she's YOUR daughter!

Why is she only my daughter when she's irritating you?

I hate this stinky chinese food!

You're pulled over there like a magnet.

Somebody smack that kid.

I saw you looking at that lifeguard.

Mom, I flossed...see!

Hmmm...did you brush?

Um, no.....but I did floss.

Oh....was that sandwich yours?



Saturday, July 26, 2008

I like to dig my toes through the cool, wet sand

It's all in the sauce

by teresa

VBS begins tomorrow night and all the church is flutter.
Most of the workers and staff were there for 8+ hours yesterday getting things decorated, rehearsing and planning. I am very excited but still have a bit to do. I need to find a yellow shirt (I am leader of the lightning bugs and their team is yellow) and I need to hit a thrift store to find Nick a "nerd" outfit. He has a major part in each nights skits and he is so excited. Our theme is God's Big Backyard, so all the rooms and sanctuary are set up with fences, picnic tables, lawn chairs, baby pools, tents, grills, etc. Pretty cute. I will make sure to take pictures when I get back up there.

Yesterday, in our umpteenth hour working, I went for a chic-fil-a run for the workers. I came back and spread out all the food and condiments I have bought. They were amazed by the white sauce. Huh? No one had ever had chic-fil-a white sauce? It's awesome! You have to ask for it, cause it isn't out with the other condiments. And for some reason, not all cities have it offered. But, here in Chesapeake it is.. and we looooove it. Next time you go...ask for it and see for yourself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A child is not a vase to fill....but a fire to be lit

by teresa

Chris asked Nick to build a little fire the other night.
There were a few pieces of wooden fence that needed disposing of and I guess he just couldn't wait until trash day.
Anyway. He told Nick to get it started in the backyard and he would be out in a minute to help.
I left before any of this to pick up Kai and Ben from VBS. I had heard some mumble earlier about a fire and thought the younger boys would think it was cool to see them burn a couple of pieces of wood.
When we came home (around 8:40pm) I saw no fire. Luckily, I hadn't told the boys or there would have been some whining. I came in and asked Chris what happened.
Apparently, Nick's Ranger Commander's have taught the boy well.
How to build a fire 101 was definitely covered.
*hole dug
*dry wood
*tee pee like building
*larger pieces on outside
*venting important
Chris said he opened the back door and the whole "outside" was lit up like daytime.
Yikes! He ran around the corner to where Nick had constructed his masterpiece. Nick was standing there, marveling in his creation, big grin, in front of a 30 foot tall fiery beast.
What the?
The hubby said it wasn't wide....just tall. Shooting straight up as tall as our house.
Embers popping and roaring, he said it sounded like machine gun fire.
Chris said as soon as he saw it he went into fire fighter mode...running through the yard to Nick yelling...PUT IT OUT...PUT IT OUT...PUT IT OUT!!
He felt that any minute the fire department was going to screech up, sirens awailin'.
Nick, begrudgingly began to smother and douse his impressive formation.
He came in moping, wet and blackened an hour later.
Poor Nick.
Chris assured him we will allow him to express himself pyrogenicly another time...another place.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

old's a hard thing to face

by teresa

My husband fell yesterday.
No...not doing something manly and strenuous.
Watering the plants.
He fell OFF the porch (backwards) ....while watering the plants.
He has a scrapped elbow, twisted shoulder and bruised pride to show for it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I DO.........want a second helping of bbq.

by teresa

We had a very exciting weekend.
A young couple (love 'em like family!) from our church got married.
They had been dating for five!
We enjoyed their rehearsal/rehearsal dinner (a Carolina pig pickin'!) on Friday night and their beautiful wedding on Saturday. I worked the guest book, accosting anyone who dare enter without signing it. "Hey! If you haven't signed the ain't gettin' any cake!"

Friday, July 18, 2008

by teresa

The waves were really big at the beach last night.
We had fun watching Ben trying to stand firm, trying to not fall down.
Nine times out of ten he was swept away.
It never deterred him.
Next wave he was up again, thumbs up, calling "watch me momma!".

Nick had a great idea this week. He brought a shovel with him.
Not a cute plastic one either. A real shovel.
He dug a hole so deep. The kids really enjoyed playing in it.
The only problem was when the tide came up and some of the holes were covered by water.
This cool teenage boy went strutting by and tripped in one of the covered holes.

We took sunchips and water bottles for snacks.
I think next week it is time to grill again. Boneless chicken would be yummy!
We could make sandwiches or kabobs.

Kaden collected moon jellies on a long walk with Katy and Kristian spent most of the evening in the hole Nick dug.
I think she wanted to be far away from the water, since her last visit was cut short by a jellyfish sting.

We usually set up camp not too far from the fishing pier. Last night as we were packing up we noticed a bunch of commotion up there. Crowds of people gathered around some guy who hauled up a.....SHARK! was a little one, but a shark nonetheless.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Lovin' it!

by teresa

Free southern style chicken sandwich at McDonalds all day today.
All you have to do is buy a medium drink.
Or you can buy their large tea, which is $1.00 and your good to go.
I took Ben and Kristian for lunch on our way to run errands.
I'm sure we will hit it again on the way to the beach tonight.

Oh pish posh about how unhealthy it is for them.
It's free people!
I'll stuff 'em full of salad and apples tomorrow.
happy now?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keep your fears to yourself but share your courage with others.

by teresa

Just came in from the pool with Ben.
Yes, at 12:44am.
I went upstairs around 10:00pm and I'm sure the family thought I was going to bed. When I came down in my bathing suit and walked right out the back door (without saying a word) they were in shock. It took about 60 seconds for the boys to come bounding out the door after me.
The whole family (the 5 of us and mom) ended up going out and we sat around talking and enjoying the pleasant night weather.
Everyone else went in around midnight.
After that, Ben and I had a back flip, handstand and dead man float contest.
We have a pool light that makes it unscary to be swimming about that late.
But when I turned it off I would NOT get back in.
Why is that?
I was just in the same water.
From shallow to deep, all along the bottom.
But when I couldn't see the bottom it was just too scary.
I wish I had done it.
Ben would have been so impressed with his brave mommy.
The two of us just stood there, looking in like there was a shark in there waiting to chomp us.
Next time I'm leaping in.

*Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Actual quotes and comments heard in the Green house this week

by teresa

You did not just call my ipod a radio, did ya?

I have turned into and old, black man.

I got earwax in my hair when I scratched my head.

Watcha jeez-loo-weezin' about it?

Ahhhhh, Wendy Peffercorn....

In the middle of the night he kept yellin'..."CHEEZITS!"

I think it's performance enhancing drugs.

I got something for that. Go get the cream in the round container on the bathroom shelf.

For my butt?

Would you rather have comfort or fit?

Don't erase it okay? I'm not...I pushed delete not erase.

Coming up next on Jon and Kate plus 8.

Coming up next on Leroy and KiKi plus 3.

Nick, you better enjoy time with your wife before you have kids, cause after that you never get to see her again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

by teresa

Happy Birthday to baby Maya who was one year old yesterday and grandaddy Dyer who is 91 today. We took him out to a seafood buffet for his birthday and boy was it awesome. Maya had a party at her daddy's. She got lots of fun stuff, or should I say sister Kaden got lots of fun stuff.

Sunday, July 13, 2008 was a tough first day

by teresa

Ben went to his first conditioning session early Saturday morning.
I was tired just watching him.
Races, exercises, stadium stair runs, parachute sprints, etc.
He was so tired, but pushed through and loved it.
He asked if we could take him up there in between practices to get his endurance built up.
I'm impressed.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

sand between my toes

by teresa

This weeks trip to the beach was fun.
The only downside was the drive to the beach, where we mistakenly sat Kai and Kaden next to each other. It was torture listening to him screaming and whining over everything she was doing to him (poking, sticking out tongue, spitting, pinching, etc.).
Next time we are definitely taking separate cars.
It wasn't as windy as last week, which is good since sand grinding into your corneas isn't a pleasant thing.
The kids went for a walk with Nanny Jackie, played fetch with a strangers dog, saw a giant jellyfish washed up on shore, got pinched by a sand fiddler and watched the surfers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Go ahead...make my day!

by teresa

My snuggle buddy is home from camp.
He had a great time and even made new friends.
I asked if he got a girlfriend...he said..."". "But, I did give this one girl my bracelet".
He also told me all the girls said he was the sweetest boy there.
That makes a momma proud.

He took a digital camera with him this week. Extra batteries and a memory card. He was excited to take lots of pictures and I was excited to see camp through his eyes.

Guess what?
No pictures. Not even one.
He said he forgot about the camera in his bag till the van ride home.

One of his favorite activities was paintball. He took old jeans and a sweatshirt to wear for the activity (hoping to save his body from multiple bruises). He said his team won the tournament....only to be trounced by the camp counselors in a final game. He laughed about being shot in the back of the head by his own team mate who freaked out in battle.
Sounds like a blast.
I wonder if Chris and the rest of the family would like to book a paintball game time.
Talk about an ultimate family bonding session.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

by teresa

We got a new living room set this week and I got so excited at the arrival, I decided to move our old furniture out by myself.
Big mistake.
The love seat went out without too much of a fuss, but the couch gave me a fit.

It was stuck like this for hours.
I went out (had to go out the front door and walk around) many times and tried the push...pull...push...pull maneuver to no avail.
Meanwhile our lovely Virginia flies were setting up condos in all the rooms of my house.
Grrrr...I hate flies in my house.
Ben, of all people, finally came to my rescue.
He had been sizing it up for awhile, walking front to back to check it from every vantage point.
He said, "mom, lift it here." Placing his hands on one corner of the bottom of the couch.
I hmmed and hawwed, knowing it was no use and he just needed to take his annoying nine yr old self away from adults work.
Then he lifted and it flipped to it's side.
We slide it out with little effort.
As I was saying, my son the engineering genius, saved the day!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

how did this happen?

by teresa

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle. Cool and smoothy, Jello brand gelatin. Of all desserts you'll love the one that tastes so light and makes such fun. Make Jello gelatin and make some fun.

You can just hear the commercial in your head, huh?

I love it.
You love it.
Who doesn't love it?
Orange is my favorite.

On a sunny day, in a cup, topped with cool whip.

The only time I don't love it is when I sit in it....
cherry flavored...
on my couch.....
while wearing my white pants.

I've got four words for you.


You get the picture.

Monday, July 07, 2008


by teresa

It is quiet around here.

Gloriously quiet.

Nick left for church camp yesterday afternoon and Chris went back to work this morning (after a nice vacation).

It is 10:30am and the only sound in the house is Rachel Ray.


Ben is still asleep (maybe I should go check on him).

Nick was so excited about camp.
Ten kids went and he was chosen (they picked numbers) to ride shotgun up front.
As they pulled off he was grinning at me and mouthing "I love you".
I will miss my snuggle buddy (he snuggles up to you the couch to watch tv).

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!


Beach fun with the whole family!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I know I spelled hotdogs wrong....I left it there to give you a chuckle

by teresa

We are heading to the beach tonight for a cookout.
Twelve of us are going, so it should be lots of fun.
Hot dongs...check
chips (four flavors)...check
cooler full of drinks...check
a leash for Kaden...check
sunglasses and face concealing hat so no one can place me with the crazy people...check

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm a star!

by teresa
Ben and his friend Joe had fun playing singstar the other night. They really didn't know any songs except for Sweet Home Alabama. So they sang it over, and over and over again. At the top of their lungs. Around midnight. I wonder where Ben even heard that song? We are not exactly Southern rock kinda folks.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Questions and comment heard in the Green house this week...

by teresa

If I don't get through the rings challenge on Spongebob I will die!

I don't like you.

I wish he would stop is getting on my nerves.

I can't go, I have a bubble in my tummy.

Gross, why do you call it a bubble? It sure doesn't smell like a bubble.

You look like you could take someone out.

It's midnight, me and the kids are going to Denny's.

I can't believe we finally have friends.

We are not normal.

Can Nick move to nanny's and let Kai live with us?

When is Lauren moving out, cause I need my own room?

Pretty soon it is going to be a hot mess around here 24hrs a day.

I am a sheep.