Monday, December 22, 2008

Actual questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

by teresa

Mom, it was so cold in here last night I had to get up and put on a sweatshirt to get warm.

Why do you always sneeze when you're turning a corner?

I can't wear these cause they're pirate pants.

He scared the tampon right out of me! He jumped out from behind the car and screamed. I had to run in the house with my legs closed tight.

He's been Ben-a-fied.

I can rip a phonebook in half.

You can't even rip a post-it note pad in half.

Do you want to arm wrestle?

She blew her nose on that sock.

I only had a half a spinach roll....I swear!

I'm re-gifting that.

She's looking very ghetto fabulous today.

Scrabble anyone?

It smells very filipinolicious in here.

Who ate all my lumpia?

I woke up this morning and Lauren had eaten half the plate of cookies I made for the teachers gift. stupid.

Who doesn't like pigs-n-blankets?

I have a friend.

Did you have to chip the kids from their beds this morning?

I like to bite their heads off first before I eat them.


Nanny Jackie said...

Hey ... I heard one of these at MY house. I'll leave it to the readers' imagination as to which one.

Mom said...

I think several were said at my house - the grossest ones.