Friday, December 12, 2008


by teresa

I spent the day at Ben's school setting up for Frosty's Workshop next week.
It will be fun to help all the kids pick out gifts for their families.
And the company sent me $70 in free Frosty bucks to hand out to needy kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to get their parents or siblings gifts.

Lots going on around here. Ben is still completely obsessed with his outdoor light display. He tweaks and moves things daily and it is really getting on my nerves. He has blown the fuse three times. good grief.
Nick is excited about his band concert next week. He has been practicing 40 minutes a day after school without fail....and it has really payed off. He sounds great! It should be a nice evening (except for the stupid PTA meeting I have before it).
Lauren is at the end of finals week. Three days she stayed up all night. I went to bed and she was at the computer....I woke and she was at the computer. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to study...huh? Chris said he saw a shirt that said," I am going to stop procrastinating....tomorrow." We are getting that for Lauren for Christmas.


Dysd Housewife said...

That sounds like a shirt for me LOL. I am lucky, my hubby could care less about outdoor lights.

Nanny Jackie said...

I did that (wait 'til the last minute to study). I love your yard.