Thursday, December 18, 2008

milk and cookies for dinner...sounds good to me

by teresa

It's almost over.
Frosty's shop that is.
We will be closing down after lunch tomorrow, so we can re-inventory and get everything boxed back up and shipped off before the Christmas break.
I will be glad . It has been exhausting. Six plus hours a day at school and then coming home and trying to keep things (dishes,cooking,laundry,cleaning,errands) up and running so no one complains. That means late nights....and early mornings.
I am going with our school's principal to the superintendents luncheon today. Should be fun. Well, maybe not fun....but at least a change of scenery and some rubber chicken.
Tonight is Nick's band concert. He is really looking forward to it and has practiced hours and hours. It will be a nice evening.
I ordered cookie dough from a girl at church and forgot about it. She brought it last night and my heart gave a leap. 100 preformed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. *sigh* I should save them and make them for Christmas gifts....or maybe not.

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