Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

by teresa

Everybody in different directions today. Meeting in the middle here and there. Soccer, shopping, ODU basketball, church, family party.
I love all the get togethers and special times around Christmas.
Getting dressed up to have a meal with family you don't see often enough. Remembering the holiday house my great grandfather built and displayed in his living room. We could look...but no touch! The gaudy red and green velvet dresses (a new one each year) and listening to the local radio station to get updates on Santa's Christmas eve flight plans. you remember my bought of diarrhea during candlelight communion? In white tights? Good memories.
Things change as you get older. No less fun(or messy)...just different.
Being Santa is WAY more fun! Giving and blessing is more exciting than a hundred barbies or tinker toy sets(I loved tinker toys).

On the way home from a family gathering tonight we (mom, me, Katy) got a little carried away listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas cd. We were singing, waving our hands, clapping. The cars around us were looking and pointing. Who cares...we weren't singing for them. Here's the link to the song we were singing (our favorite part is at the 3:20 mark). After repeating it twice even Kaden and Kai were screaming out "JESUS!" "JESUS!" "SWEET JESUS!"


Anonymous said...

Gosh ... I'm so very sorry I missed all that for a basketball game ;))

Katy said...

I really feel blessed to be able to spend my holidays with the people I love the most. I agree that it is way better to BE santa. I love the look on my babies faces when they see the presents under the christmas tree for them to open. It makes me feel so happy!

Mom said...

It's true. . . I get really excited about people getting the gifts I've gotten for them. That's probably why I always spend too much. Yes, Teresa, I do remember your Candelight Communion tummy ache. I felt so bad for you (and for Rev. and Mrs. T). Timmy's party was really nice. I think I enjoyed it so much because he looks alot like your Daddy (and the food was great, too).