Monday, July 27, 2009

the kids

by teresa

Today Ben's bff is coming over to hang out till soccer practice tonight. Ben could play with Joe 24/7 and never get tired of it. But, he is not good a juggling more than one or two friends at a time. Last week a couple of school friends came knocking on the door wanting Ben to play. He hid beside the couch and begged us to tell them he wasn't home. He is so anti-social (I wonder where he gets that from). Did I let them in? Of course. I am a mean momma. He kept peeking his head in the door telling me to call him in in five minutes.

Lauren did a pretty good job of painting the upstairs bathroom. It's not totally finished...but pretty close. It looks sooo much better than it did before. She got the job of painting because of the paint pealing compulsion she had. For years, when she would go to the bathroom she would see a bit of pealing paint and rip it off. Sometimes leaving big strips from wall to wall. I love the color...summer field (a light apple-ish green). Chris sent me to the store to buy white paint...hahaha.

Nick is off restriction this morning. He was on lock down from friends and phone last week because he was giving me attitude about his chore calendar. I wonder how this week will be? Nothing like 168 straight hours with your mom to snap you into obey mode.


Nanny Jackie said...

Ben ... anti-social? I have no idea where he got that from. hehe.

Lauren ... Go Lauren with the painting. Think she would want to come do some painting at my house? White is not a color, it's a base for color for paint.

Nick ... No wonder Nick hung out with us this weekend. That's okay ... I'll take whatever I can get. :)

Mom said...

I'll bet Lauren doesn't peel the paint any more.