Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday's at the beach

by teresa

We had a total chill out day.
Swam in the pool all day and then headed to the beach (Sandbridge) for dinner (picnic) and a relaxing evening.
It was not hot at all. Actually, it was pretty chilly.
Mom stayed under her blanket and read the whole time to get out of the cold breeze.
The kids made sand castles, boogie boarded, tossed the football and swam. The adults sat....and watched. Now that's my kind of fun.
We did have a tiny bit of drama when Ben got sucked by a riptide and couldn't get out.
We could see him struggling and when we saw tears and panic on his face we all jumped from our chairs. Chris, who hadn't dressed for a swim, had to jump in and pull him free.
Unfortunately he had his Ipod in his pocket.
He didn't seem at all upset when he realized this and is now eager to go Ipod shopping tomorrow. "I might as well get the upgraded one", he said.
I bet he and Ben planned that little rescue scene just so Chris would have an excuse to get a better music player.


Nanny Jackie said...

GASP!! Sorry I missed being at the beach with you, but, glad I missed the drama. I really upsets me when something happens to my babies. However, I think you may be right about it being staged to get a new ipod.

novaks8 said...

great pictures but who the heck are those old kids???