Sunday, July 19, 2009

poor Kai

by teresa

Tonight, after we all left for VBS, Chris said he heard a noise outside.
It was a wailing a siren.
It was faint and then grew louder and louder.
Then he heard his name in the wail. Just as he was getting up the front door burst open and someone cried out, "Chris....are you home?"
It was Kai.
We had all (me and the boys, Katy, mom and all Katy's kids....well almost all) left and headed to church without Kai.
Katy says Kai told her he wanted to leave early and ride with me. He walked out back and started playing in the backyard....and never came in to ask me. We left...a while later Katy left...a while later Kai tried to go into his house and was locked out. Chris said he was bawling so hard that he had to hold him for a long time to calm him down. Kai said in between sobs,"I banged on the door, but I only heard KiKi one would answer."
After Chris calmed him down he went over with him what he should do if Chris hadn't been home (thank God Chris was home). Who's house to go to and what not to do.
Kai called his mom and he made it to VBS on time.
The funny thing left him at church just about a month ago. She packed the kids in the car and left...without him.
Poor Kai.
I think he needs a cellphone or they should let him hold the car keys from now on.


Nanny said...

I didn't leave him at church, I left him at home (or did I do both?). He stays in his room so much playing games on his DS, I didn't even know he was home. We'll need to be more careful from now on. Sorry, Kai.

Greens said...

that's went to church and left him at home. He was in his room playing video games for so long you forgot he was home. hahaha