Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first

by teresa

If you are in the mood for a something sweet you need to go to Just Cupcakes in the Hill Top West shopping center. I took the kids on a field trip there this week and then we stopped and surprised Chris at work with a sweet treat on the way home.
Decadent and delicious.
Ben's peanut butter cupcake looked so yummy. I had strawberry...which I will be returning to get a dozen of for the next get together I attend.
Click on the website and browse...I bet you won't be able to stay away.
If you go in, the cupcake ladies have mini cupcakes in all the flavors for you to sample. We sampled everything! There was not a bad flavor.


Mom said...

The chocolate one you got for me was delicious (chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate sprinkles). And, the cupcake was really big. I loved it. There's cake here at work today left over from a party we had here yesterday. One is chocolate, one's almond and one's strawberry. Each with buttercream icing. YUMMY!

Sterling Dawn said...

i've decided i'm going to work here one day. would be as their tester. nothing else.

kristian said...

The cupcakes were awesome!