Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

by teresa

I bet you guys are surprised I haven't blogged about this subject before now.
Everyone has their opinions.
I don't care to hear them.
When I think of him...I am twelve again.
I had an old tape recorder and a blank tape. I would have that thing paused until The Girl Is Mine or Billie Jean would come on the radio. I would leap for the record button. Eager to capture the song. I would play it over and over, singing and dancing until the sound was warbled and distorted. Don't even get me started on Thriller. The guy could DANCE! Oh my Lord if you could have been a fly on the wall of my bedroom back then. Trying to mimic the moves from the video to no avail. My friend Stacie and I would laugh until we peed our pants. The first posters I hung in my bedroom were of him (much to my father's disapproval). I actually got on restriction for stapling them to the walls and furniture in rebellion after my dad had pulled them from where I had them taped.
It didn't matter how his looks changed since then or the ugly rumors told about him....the music was good.
It was positive.
It made me feel good....smile.
My children could listen without me having to grab for the radio dial to keep them from hearing something profane or inappropriate.

Chris and I have had fun the past week, introducing the kids to the old songs. Filling up our ipods with "the oldies but goodies". Watching all the videos on tv (the stuff is on 24/7). Ben has some of the moves down pretty good. We have created some fond memories reminiscing our youth and peeking at Ben and his friends trying to do the dance moves I practiced so many years ago.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am sad.
Mostly in a selfish way, that I won't get to hear any new songs or see a new performance.
But, also for his family.
You can't help but tear up watching them in clips from the memorial service today.

For those of you from another generation...do you have someone who "takes you back"? Reminds you of good times past. A favorite performer...or song? Share it with me.


Mom said...

Didn't you name Ben after the rat (just kidding)?

I am sad about MJ, too. And when Jermaine sang "Smile" it made me tear up. I don't know how he got through that song. I can't think of any other performers who were so entertaining. Not even the Beatles.

Nanny Jackie said...

Beach Boys. Their music was fun and happy and reminds me of fun days at the beach and "shagging" (that's a dance to you youngsters :).

Anonymous said...

The entire 80's genre makes me smile for the youth gone by and the memories I get when just about any song comes on. I often think you could paint the history of my life in Music. Yes, I too am sad he is gone. My heart aches for a talent once more wasted by those selfish "hangers-on" who drained all the life from a man who wanted to stay a kid. I hope now he finds his youth and the peace he so desperately was seeking...His songs like Elvis will always stir geat feelings and memories.
Brenda M.

Watkins said...

My mom had so many records and we kept the favorites - especially Elvis and I found one of my old ones of Michael Jackson. I used to listen to a lot of songs with my friends. I got a record player for my 40th birthday and I need to play all the records my sister brought from my mom and my old record collections. It brings back so many memories and I cry but that's ok.